• Besides unbalanced neutral current which is calculated by the three-phase root mean square (RMS) currents, there is still more neutral current that is zero sequence harmonic current. Non-Linear Loads like SMPS, OA equipment, LED, etc., introduce third order harmonics. Third harmonic currents are in-phase on each of the supply phases and therefore will add into the neutral which can cause the neutral current in a wye system to exceed the phase currents. A PQ Terminal dramatically eliminates the zero sequence harmonic current by removing about 95% of neutral current in a distribution board.
  • Multi Green Energy (Multi-GEM) offers reliable and accurate energy monitoring & management in real-time at electric multiple feeding points. The Multi-GEM 18 automatically provides metering, demand, energy readings and loggings over multi feeding points with Multi-GEM 18 channels monitoring from the 18 feeders for 1P2W, 8 feeders for 3P3W, 6 feeders for 3P4W or any combination of single and three phase circuits. This useful flexibility makes Multi-GEM18 to be effective at IDC (Internet Data Center), office buildings, and shopping mall and the other industries that require multi metering.
  • The JS24S-5A series of precision, split-core current transformer by J&D offers a 5Amp output signal based on the model and ratio to the source current. The JS24S-5A series is designed to be directly connected to a meter to eliminate the need for internal CTs yet provide accurate readings. The JS24S-5A includes an over-voltage protection circuit which provides an added level of safety to the unit.
  • The JRFS Series of Clamp-on Flexible Rogowski coil current transformer by J&D is designed for accurate measurement of AC current with a safe output voltage RMS. The JRFS-075 series is the precision current probe for Revenue-Grade Distribution transformer monitoring. With voltage integrator configuration, it can replace existing CT directly.