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ENTES MPR series Network Analysers are designed to measure all electrical parameters of the networks in industrial plants.

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  • epr-04s-power-energy-meter
    EPR-04S Power & Energy Meter

    EPR-04/04S is a microprocessor based device which is developed for measuring the power and energy values in an Electrical Network. Measured parameters are displayed in 4 displays separately EPR-04S has an MODBUS serial communication interface.

  • es-32ls-energy-meter
    ES 32LS Energy Meter

    Watt-Hour Meter with LCD In today’s world, Efficient Power Management is very important for low-cost. Measuring process must have been fulfilled with certain accuracy for precise analysing and measuring the energy. ES-32LS measures the active watt hour consumption directly and error free in single phase systems and it shows the total watt hour consumption. The most important features of the device are its reliability, small size, light weight, modern design, and easy installation.

  • mpr-26s-network-analyzer
    MPR 26S Network Analyzer

    This is a MPR-2-PM series 3-phase mains analyzer. It is a microprocessor based device which is designed for measuring all parameters of an electricity distribution system, calculate consumptions and reflect these values on the LCD display

  • 26-1-2015 2-47-15 PM
    MPR-34S-11 LCD Network Analyser
  • MPR-45S
    MPR-45S LCD Network Analyser
  • MPR-46S
    MPR46S, LCD Network Analyser