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Baylan Water Meters was first started to be operative in 1955 as a repair and maintenance atelier, before starting to produce water meters. As a consequence of long years experience and knowledge, which were inherited from father to son Ibrahim and M. Akif Baylan brothers founded the first production facility of Baylan Water Meters in 1992.

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    TK-4 Multi jet Dry type Water Meter, DN15 With Pulse output

    MID Certification, with options for remote reading with reed sensor s. It has a 360° rotating lid, non-return valve and is suitable for potable water applications. Electrostatic painted body made of corrosion resistant brass and suitable for cold water up to 60°. 

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    TK-5C Automatic Meter Reading Water Meter, DN40 With Modbus RS485 output

    MID Certification, Compatibility with Online Water Meter Reading System via GPRS network. Volumetric principle assures very high sensitivity even at low flow, suitable for potable water. Electrostatic painted body made of corrosion resistant brass, internally and externally epoxy powder painted. Modbus / MBus AMR reading features are optional.

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    Woltman Water Meter

    MID Certification, suitable for all positions mounting (Horizontal, Vertical, Inclined). Woltmann’s type design for industrial applications. IP68 protected dry type mechanism, suitable for portable water applications. Optical reading available with Pulse output or Modbus features are optional.