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Efergy Ego, Smart Socket, 13Ampere

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Product Description

The ego allows you to switch appliances and monitor the energy consumption of any appliance from your smartphone …and much more. Consumers who understand their home energy consumption are more likely to make positive behavioural changes which lead to big savings on their energy billsThe ego lets you know the real-time or historical energy consumption of an appliance or group of appliances through your smartphone Standby use accounts for around up to 16% of the average electricity bill…With the ego, you’ll make this saving. The ego learns and turns off appliances automatically that have been on standby for too long, reducing your home energy bills every year.

Appliance Control: Switch an appliance or a group of appliances from your smartphone

Energy Monitoring: Real-time or Historical energy consumption display

Schedule Timers: Set timers for automatic switching of devices

Standby Elimination: Set the ego to turn off appliances left on standby for too long