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  • About us

    Our company is an Energy Solutions Company, providing Energy Management Solutions and we provide Automated Metering Systems for remote reading of electricity meters.

    Metering Systems for remote reading of electricity meters. Our metering systems are also used in buildings for energy tracking and power quality monitoring of various electrical systems.

    The company was established in January 2003, we aim to provide energy savings solutions by first monitoring and auditing the installation. By automating the electricity meters, there is no need to read the meters manually. Hundreds of electricity meters can be read within few minutes, thus increasing productivity and accuracy in billing the consumers accurately.

    We provide energy management solutions to our Clients and they can monitor their energy usage in real-time from any web browser and to identify areas of energy wastage. We could improve productivity by automating the process of collecting energy data efficiently. Through the use of technologies, our solution provides faster deployments at lower implementation costs.

    Our company provides metering solutions for energy as well as water services and providing remote monitoring systems that adopt RF, Wireless, GPRS technologies.